2024 Solespire Founders’ Letter

2024 Solespire Founders’ Letter

As we celebrate seven years of Solespire, I recall these words by Steve Jobs:

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

That notion mirrors the essence of Solespire’s approach as an organization, where our innovation isn’t just in what we create—the brands, websites, products, services, and content—nor solely in the technology we employ. Instead, it thrives in the collaborative heartbeat of our team. At Solespire, we’re united by a fundamental drive to serve, harnessing technologies built by visionaries who, like us, aim to meet and exceed human needs. This dynamic interplay between human insight and technological prowess fuels our commitment to advance thoughtfully and inventively.

The last year alone stands as a testament to our team’s remarkable adaptability, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. It was a year marked by embracing the transformative potential of AI, venturing into new territories, and laying the groundwork for a future that promises even greater achievements, always with a keen eye on the evolving needs of our consumers.

Expanding Our Horizons

Reflecting on Solespire’s journey thus far, it’s clear that part of our success has been driven by our courage to explore new frontiers.

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action,” Tony Robbins once said, and that’s what 2024 is all about for Solespire. It will be a landmark year of growth for us, marked by the introduction of six exciting new brands:

  • Super Prime Luxury
  • Featured Architecture
  • Money Blog
  • Art Toys Universe
  • Galleria Gaming
  • WrestleMax

Solespire’s culture of being in constant startup mode is guided by a vision to not just participate in the digital media landscape, but to shape it, to influence it, and to lead by example. The decision to introduce six diverse new brands to our portfolio is born from this vision—a deliberate move to harness the untapped potential within specific niches that resonate deeply with our passions, mission, and value system, with targeted, high-quality content that aims to inform, engage, and inspire audiences worldwide.

Those six new brands will join and double our current list of six brands:

Launching six new brands this year is our most ambitious endeavour yet. We are expanding our footprint from six to twelve websites, alongside a multitude of social media accounts. This incredible undertaking speaks volumes about our team’s capability and dedication. I’m confident in our collective ability to embrace this challenge, which will elevate Solespire into becoming a top content creation company in the highly competitive digital space.

Evolving Content Strategies

“Do not be afraid to change the model,” said Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix.

In December 2023, we executed a shift in content strategy for our luxury lifestyle brand, ReelLuxe, as it became our first website to launch a sub-niche-branded category, beginning with ReelLuxe Fashion on the website and @reelluxe.fashion on Instagram – curating vibrant fashion ensembles that showcase an eclectic array of outfits and stylish looks, with opportunities to buy from affiliated partners

This initiative is just the beginning, as we plan to soon launch a ReelLuxe Fashion channel on YouTube, with more sub-niche-branded channels planned for ReelLuxe—deepening the brand’s engagement with audiences passionate about the many variants that revolve around living a life of luxury.

Authenticity + Efficiency with Digital Tools

Our relentless pursuit of creating and delivering exceptional content has led us to refine our toolkit in 2024 significantly. We made a strategic decision to equip our team with Perplexity Pro, moving away from platforms like ChatGPT, due to concerns over factual accuracy, even with Bing integration, as the text provided is often lacklustre and unreferenced. Perplexity is an AI-powered conversational search engine that researches and answers queries, using natural language predictive text. It correctly cites all of the information it provides with referenced links from the World Wide Web, much like in a Wikipedia article. You can also think of Perplexity as being what iPhone users wish Siri could be – your digital mastermind assistant, where you’re still in the driver’s seat.

Now, in an era dominated by deep fakes and widespread generative chatbots, the value of the human touch has never been more paramount. Our strategic pivot from ChatGPT to the assistance of Perplexity underscores our unwavering commitment to reliability, authenticity, and excellence in our editorial process. This shift ensures that the content we deliver consistently upholds the rigorous standards of trust our audience rightfully expects. Each piece of content produced under the Solespire umbrella is published by human creators, and in the specific case of web publishing, our verified writers are principally meeting Google’s E-E-A-T search rater guidelines—Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This approach distinguishes our content with qualitative authority, integrity, and reliability, which are essential in today’s digital content marketing landscape.

In our quest for the optimal blend of efficiency and reliability, we’ve also transitioned from Microsoft 365 to a more integrated suite of apps for our business operations, embracing Fastmail and iCloud with Apple Business Essentials. This move simplifies our workflows, reducing friction and enhancing collaboration across our teams for each of our Solespire Media Brands. By adopting tools that seamlessly integrate with macOS, iPadOS, and iOS devices, we’ve streamlined communication, project management, and content creation, ensuring that our teams can focus on what they do best—creating helpful, informative, and inspiring content.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

As we peer into the horizon, the possibilities are limitless.

The strategic shifts and enhancements we’ve embraced—be it in digital tools, content direction, or the expansion of our media brands—mark significant strides toward a future where Solespire is even more integrated, efficient, and creatively boundless. Our commitment to redefining the landscape of digital media, pioneering new content creation pathways, and crafting unmatched media experiences for our diverse multi-niche-branded audiences remains unwavering.

Our progress is linked with the incredible power of human potential, blending creativity, technological advancement, and sheer ingenuity. I am deeply thankful for the dedication of our small but mighty core team of five passionate self-starters, the ever-growing support of our community, and the chance to continue evolving our digital offerings, all the while inspiring millions of people with the multimedia content we meticulously create.

By all metrics, 2023 stands as our most triumphant year yet, setting new benchmarks in visitors, pageviews, followers, subscriptions, engagement, sales, and overall revenue for Solespire Media Inc., headquartered in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

At its heart, Solespire is about embracing different perspectives, fueled by a drive to inspire through our creations. We stand at the crossroads of digital media and technology, committed to enriching human experiences through our design-thinking, ideation, and an unwavering spirit of innovation. Our mission continues to be delivering exceptional value across our network of trusted brands, for every user, client, and customer we have the honour of serving.

From both myself and my father, Kris Cyganiak, co-founder of Solespire, we extend our deepest gratitude for everyone’s unwavering support throughout our company’s seven-year journey. We are profoundly thankful, as we send our best wishes to everyone in the digital media space for continued growth and exceptional success in the years ahead!

Warmest regards,

Marcus Anthony
Co-Founder & CEO, Solespire


Solespiring since 2017
Co-Founder & CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Anthony Cyganiak is responsible for setting the overall direction of Solespire by leading corporate growth strategies and overseeing the development of the company's digital media and technology infrastructure, including media brands, web operations, content publishing, marketing, advertising, and worldwide sales with end-to-end service and support. Before founding Solespire together in 2017 with Kris Cyganiak, a father-and-son partnership, they established BuyRIC in 2009, The Pinnacle List in 2011, and TRAVOH in 2016, all of which later became wholly owned and operated by Solespire. Marcus draws on his extensive experience launching startup companies as an online entrepreneur, digital creator, and full-stack web developer, with expertise in coding PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML with advanced SEO knowledge and applied skills.