Solespire Media Services – SEO – Price List

Solespire owns and operates five multilingual niche websites that receive millions of visitors and views, working with over 500 returning clients to provide safe and scalable SEO-driven content, which utilizes our millions of active followers on social media with impressions that transpire into action.

Below is our updated list of websites that are accepting orders in 2023:

Guest Post Article Submissions

Solespire offers a safe way to scale and grow your campaigns, without having to risk damaging your search engine ranking with unknown link-building sellers, as we verifiably own the websites we offer – with a guarantee to grow your Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR).

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Written Article Publications

In addition to receiving blog and article submissions, we have an in-house team of premium writers, ready to service your link-building needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to produce and publish content that utilizes an array of multimedia formats to have search engines pull structured data and display it with eye-catching rich snippets.

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Existing Article Link Insertions

The best way to signal search engines that your website is a reliable source with the worthiness of being ranked higher is for other trusted websites with high authority to ping your website with a hyperlink.


Footer Link Insertions

The best value for any link-building campaign is to gain visibility on every web page of high-traffic websites. This calibre of reach is not realistically attainable on most of these kinds of websites, but at Solespire, we believe in maximizing your potential reach and exercising your ultimate growth strategy. That’s why we offer premium placements in the footer location of our websites.


Leveraging the trust and credibility that Solespire has built in the digital media industry since 2017, clients receive direct access to our SEO brain trust – taking advantage of Multiplex, an innovative modern media stack built on top of WordPress, empowering dynamically responsive content and advanced technologies in a multiverse environment that tightly integrates publishing with our internal software. By publishing with Solespire, your links get boosted through our custom-built SEO algorithm systems, all of which aim to attain top placement on a search engine results page (SERP). This effectively generates organic referral traffic back to your web domain.

As a trusted publisher, we believe in a fair and transparent pricing structure, which helps you, clients, and publishers alike – a win, win, win for all involved. Every article published is permanently placed, with all sales (plus a 10% service fee to pay our editors) being final.