Your Support Drives Our Success

It sounds cliché, but it’s absolutely true––your support drives us forward to success, for every visit you give to any Solespire Site, and for all the views you make throughout each day, we are immensely grateful because it means you appreciate the quality of content that we are generating and publishing.

Operating websites does come with a cost though, which is why we run ads – albeit against our will. You see, we think ads flying across our site are highly disruptive. Quite frankly, they’re also ugly. We want to turn them off, but we can’t unless we can replace that revenue to keep our lights on at Solespire, The Pinnacle List, TRAVOH, ReelLuxe, and MD5 Gaming.

That is why, with the utmost gratitude, we are asking for a donation of any amount.


Marcus Anthony
Co-founder of Solespire