Welcome to Solespire Media Inc.


Welcome to Solespire Media Inc., a new international digital media company that is building an online network of brands, targeting communities of varied interests around the world.

A Startup in Motion

Based in Canada, Solespire was incorporated by founders Marcus Anthony (President) and Kris Cyganiak (Vice President). We began business with the immediate acquisitions of BuyRIC, The Pinnacle List, and TRAVOH. These three ambitious acquisitions are now wholly-owned subsidiaries, operating as Solespire Media Brands.

Followers of Solespire on Instagram were introduced to the new Media Brands on July 9 with these three posts:

These acquisitions effectively give Solespire a collective reach of over 735,000 followers across social media networks, most notably on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Our corporate goal is to reach 1 million followers worldwide in our first year.

Looking Ahead

At Solespire, we are hyper-focused on creating and managing Media Brands that spotlight specific target markets, boosted by offering promotional and advertising services through our exclusive set of online tools. This includes content production for multiple market segments, utilizing The Pinnacle List’s unparalleled cross-platform digital architecture – publishing a mosaic of visually captivating imagery that engages users and inspires their desires to share across social media.

We will continue updating you at Solespire.com with more information, as it relates to our company, brands, and related endeavours going forward.


A Digital Media Technology Company
Solespire is a digital media technology company that fosters a workplace culture of creative individuals, each of whom is entrusted to confidently lead oneself as a self-starter, with insanely great passion, persistence, and purpose to transpire our company of brands, sites, products, services, and content to the forefront of a globally connected world, all the while intuitively inspiring the desires of people, so they too can aspire next-level design thinking, ideation, innovation, and success. The conjoining of nouns that make up Sole-spire can best be described as representing individuals who think differently, upon aspiring to create something with a desire to inspire people, so they too can change the world. Solespire unifies digital media technology at the intersection of humanity, with design thinking, ideation, and innovation being core tenants of Solespire’s methodical process to deliver a network of reputable brands, sites, products, services, and content that provides value for users, clients, and customers. Solespire Media Inc. was founded by Marcus Anthony and Kris Cyganiak in March 2017.