10 Best-in-Class Master Data Management Tools For Enterprise Users In 2021

10 Best-in-Class Master Data Management Tools for Enterprise Users in 2021

Database management is a continuously evolving specialty. In this era of big data, data management demands the usage of highly advanced tools and the technical know-how and intellectual capabilities of DBAs. Here in this article, we discuss some of the best MDM or Master Data Management tools, which are deemed to be on top in 2021. However, this is not an exhaustive listing but depicts the features of the most relevant and highly popular data management tools. 

2021 Top MDM Tools

1. Ataccama ONE

Ataccama ONE is one of the top-grossing data management tools, which puts forth a comprehensive list of use cases and capabilities. It features an advanced machine learning-ready UI and an advanced data processing engine that can enable data transformations, evaluate, and merge business rules. It also supports different types of data and various types of integrations.

2. EnterWorks

EnterWorks is a packaged multi-enterprise master data management product that offers a shared MDM offering user-specific data models. This platform’s advanced functionality includes multi-domain MDM, dynamic data modelling, product info management, publishing, and syndication, etc. It also aids in workflow collaboration and asset management digitally. Featuring highly flexible data modelling, EnterWorks powers a content repository with effective data attributes to manage complex product relationships and real-time pricing management.

3. IBM InfoSphere MDM

IBM InfoSphere is another top-notch Master Data Management tool, which handles all aspects of highly critical enterprise data regardless of the model. The tools under IBM InfoSphere offer compliance with advanced data governance rules and data management policies and feature a configurable framework supporting even the hybrid clouds. There are two editions of InfoSphere MDM available as standard and advanced.

4. Informatica 

Informatica Multidomain MDM is a whole suite of data management tools consisting of Informatica Customer 360, Informatica Product 360, Informatica Supplier 360, etc. These offer a complete suite of modular master data management solutions in a single view. This product enables users to custom-create a highly authoritative view of data from disparate and conflicting sources. It also features machine learning and AI capabilities and includes data integration, data quality, and business process management. The security functionality of Informatica also lets you enrich the master data records easily with external data. Choosing an appropriate MDM tool can be done with the help of a reliable consultant.

5. Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems Synchronous is an enterprise MDM platform that is used for both analytical and operational purposes. This product can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. It is also possible to run it in a hybrid environment too. Synchronous offers various features like data profiling, monitoring, the discovery of data, and a comprehensive 360-degree data view. The users can easily uncover information about extended relationships within the data. The workflow management features of Innovative Systems also help the users to build and modify the workflows. Hierarchy management offers an easy-to-understand graphical display and flexible navigational tools.

6. Magnitude Kalido

The MDM functionality of Magnitude is made available through the Kalido solution. It features flexible, domain-specific modelling with mapping and matching capabilities and visual models for common domains without purchasing any customizations. Kalido also features some audience-specific interfaces and model-driven and workflow-oriented APIs, enabling live collaboration and policy-specific governance. Customers can gain universal access from their smartphones and audit and validate DB functions from anywhere.

7. Pimcore

Pimcore is an open-source tool for Master Data Management, which consists of Pimcore Product Information Management, Pimcore Data Hub, Pimcore Customer Data Platform, etc. These tools will let the users easily consolidate master data across various system landscapes through various other open-source tools. This product is also compatible with master data domains, such as customer, product, asset, employee, vendor, partner, reference, location, and IoT. It also features highly flexible data modelling, and various implementation styles, and it can also support analytical and operational master data management. The key features of Pimcore include ensuring data quality, advanced hierarchy management, and better workflow management.

8. Profisee

There are many related products as Profisee GRM Edition, Profisee Application Edition, and Profisee Enterprise Edition, etc. Profisee boasts of a very flexible modelling engine that lets the users easily model the master data. It also features archiving and deployment, batch integration, hierarchy management, data analytics, and high data quality. The customers can effectively deploy Profisee on other applications and devices, which can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud along with a hybrid model.

9. Reltio

Reltio Connected Customer 360 is a wonderful Software as a Service that is custom-built for big data cloud-native architectures. This product offers a flexible graph technology, which offers machine learning capacities too. The users use Reltio to onboard new data sources quickly and add, remove, or change customer profiles without any downtime. It also enables the developers to custom-build and launches new applications. Reltio also helps to scale up and can also support thousands of simultaneous users and remains the only MDM solution of its kind, which is cloud-native.

10. Riversand Platform

It features Riversand Exclusive, Riversand Ascend, Riversand Infinity, etc. Riversand offers a complete set of MDM and PIM (product information management) tools. The MDM of Riversand offers a multi-domain core design that provides a comprehensive view of enterprise data. Adding to it, Riversand also consists of a high-scale computing and custom set of collaboration tools. It has advanced data governance functionalities and reporting features.

Along with these top 10, you can also find more such MDM tools like SAP Master Data Governance, Semarchy xDM, Stibo Systems Multidomain, Syniti Master Data Management, TIBCO EBX, etc. As each of these has its benefits and flaws, you may do a fundamental analysis of your requirements to see which one suits the best for your need. Most of these tools also can be customized for your purpose, which makes the new-generation users flex these based on their changing requirements.


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