The Price Of Playing Free Online Games

The Price Of Playing Free Online Games

In a world where almost everything costs money, it’s hard to believe that you can find anything for free. However, when it comes to online games, there are plenty of options that won’t cost you a dime. 

From simple browser games to more complex ones that require downloading and installing, there’s something for everyone. Arkadium is the perfect place for a game of free solitaire to play online. It’s challenging enough for adults, and simple enough for kids, but what’s the catch? Why are games like these free? Is there a downside to playing them?

Let’s dive into understanding the nature of free online games, and how gaming in a web browser or a social network like Facebook can actually cost you a lot – more than you could realize at first, for what could otherwise be thought of as innocent behaviour in the early going of such endeavours.

1. Free internet games will cost you time

Free games can consume your time and decrease productivity. It can take longer to complete work because the time spent playing free games consumes the time you have to work. The biggest problem is that some will spend the majority of their time playing free games at work, which costs the employer money and subsequently a decrease in revenues for business over time.

Farmville, Pet Society, and other Facebook games may seem innocent, but in reality, can be time-wasters when you have project objectives to complete at work. In fact, several companies have stopped using Facebook in their corporate networks to prevent employees from playing games online. They’ve instead shifted employees over to Microsoft Teams or Yammer, an enterprise social networking service.

2. No-cost online games require energy

It will consume the battery of your device, causing you to recharge more frequently. Charging your batteries more often requires more power, leading to a larger electricity cost. Furthermore, you consequently harm the health of your device’s battery over time, as suddenly you will need to buy a new iPhone for a new battery. Similar is the case with desktop computers.

3. No-cost online games could destroy real-world relationships you have

When you become addicted to playing online games for free, it can take up free time that you could otherwise physically spend with your loved ones or real-life friends. 

Some people will argue against this by claiming friendships arise by being connected with other gamers on the internet. In certain cases, that can be true, but could those individuals assist you in the event of an issue in the real world? It takes special cases to close this question with a positive outcome, such as gamers finding their true love online, but this is not the norm.

4. No-cost gaming on the internet will eventually cost you money

Although online games are free to play, the cost for internet connectivity and maintaining your electronic devices is in the air. If that, nor a loss in productivity is of no concern, then understand that in certain games, if you wish to level up your character or gain access to special levels, you will need to buy items and level-ups via online transactions or purchase pre-paid credits from retailers, to gain privileged access. As your addiction to certain games increases, your likelihood of processing in-app purchases likewise increases too.

Final Words

Games that are free online are fun to play, but be aware of playing these games for too long. If you’re not cautious, your engagement with free online games could cost you more than you could imagine.


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