Solespire 1-Year Anniversary

On March 27, 2017, the establishment of Solespire Media Inc. occurred with the immediate acquisitions of BuyRIC, The Pinnacle List, and TRAVOH – three digital media ventures founded respectively in 2009, 2011, and 2016. These collectively became known as Solespire Media Brands, as part of our long-term growth strategy.

These individual brands all have a unique story, and yet, what binds them together is a universal principle that inherently drives us to create quality platforms that enhance online user experiences, surrounding key interests.

With that, the Solespire mission statement was formed on day one:

Aspire to Desire with Brands that Inspire

Solespire is very much still a startup in motion, operating as a global digital media company out of Canada. We’re building an online network of media brands that target communities of interests around the world, with design and development policies that reflect our mission statement.

One of the goals we set forth in our first year was for Solespire Media Brands to reach a collective base of 1 million followers on our social media accounts. The Pinnacle List on Facebook accomplished that goal alone by reaching over 1 million followers, as Solespire now has over 1.2 million followers collectively.

The strategy of increasing interactivity and providing a unique experience on each network is what defines our social progress. For example, what you see tweeted by The Pinnacle List is not replicated on Instagram, nor is it identical to what you will find on Pinterest or LinkedIn. Each brand publishes tailor-made posts for each social network.

TRAVOH recently joined the new Vero app and is experiencing great results with users living up to the network’s “true social” moniker. People are sharing travel photography and using the #TRAVOH hashtag in their posts, as they can then be featured by @TRAVOH with sourced credit. This kind of interaction with TRAVOH on Vero has become very popular.

It’s no secret that BuyRIC has been on hiatus since the Solespire acquisition. That’s been by design as we maximized resources to expedite The Pinnacle List’s growth in promoting its new Luxury Real Estate Services, and recently TRAVOH, which has a beautiful new web design currently in development. However, during a recent meeting in New Westminster, British Columbia at Solespire HQ, our team revisited BuyRIC and set forth a goal to relaunch the brand with its original ground-level focus on local community real estate in the sectors of “RIC” – Residential, Industrial, and Commercial.

Year 2 is about capitalizing on the momentum of year 1 and augmenting it exponentially. Your support, across our spectrum of Solespire Media Brands, is cached (pun intended) as inspiration for our team’s creative process to design and foster trusted online destinations that objectively provide authentic content and services.


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